Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pichakkarude maanadu..

Is it pretty there? can u take walks outside?a friend asked! It sure was looking pretty when I first came here.fantastic compared to India. My office is on the riverside. I have a great view from my cabin..amazing cars..ferries on the river..colourful cheerful people..strobes on top of buildings..LED lit flashy skyscrapers..etc. I was floored when I came!now I have started seeing the beggars..the trash on the roads..the dirty taxis..the garbage dumps..the pollution..the humidity and sweat..the poverty and crime..the language barrier and the difficulties!It reminded me of the day before leaving to China. One of my elderly friends wanted a treat for me landing up with a plum assignment to China..highly praising my talents for getting this job. I gave him a bottle of Honeybee for which he behaved like I was the most generous guy on earth..then he said..China Pichakkarude maanadanne..nee yenthina avadekku ponathu!!!!!!!

Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
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