Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Evening in Hongkong!

vaikunneram kulichu purathirangi..oru saha nemmarakkaraney meet cheythu.."what do you want to do in HK" he asked."what do u have in mind" i asked..Are you game for some fun he asked..goes witout saying pal i said..enna vaa!..the night is young ennu friend!Thottaduthu Irish pubbil start cheythu..carlsberg and budwieser! Nice wooden tables and cairs and counters..lots of whites...a Nepali waitresses with a flirting smile served us ..spent an hr there..another friend joined us. They are into busines..we spoke business. Opportnity nallathu varikayanenkil onnichu cheyyaam enna unwritten but drida theerumanathil adutha sthalathekku neengi.My friend was in a mood to rock!
We went to a street with only restaurants..multi ethnic..anglo..american..spanish..armenian..lebanese..vietnamese..philipino..inian..pakistani..afgahnistani..german..mexican etc! everyone was on the rods drinking and eating. It was dark..we had crossed the kowloon bay and were in HK island..what an amazing sight both the islands are from the harbor! I was high on the sights and the beer. he ordered a malaysian mutton curry and roti..they served us kerala poratta and mutton fry!!!!!excellent food..We moved to menwick..a disc where mostly foriegners go..Nepali security kadati vitilya..bribe cheythu ullil kadannu! naanam illyatha pennungal kodichu musikinde oppavum alladheyum thalam chavittunu..flesh trade is legal in HK..velapeshal nadakunnu..thalodalum..verey paladhum..asleelam illya..ellam open aayathu kondu..discreet alla..everythings in the open..ha ha ..i mean..most thigs! Black label ozhuki..4 manikkor..avidey chelavaki. Philipino girls..vella karey choonda yidunnu..avarudey chilavil kudikunnu..avarudey koodey pokunnu..chilappol randum moonum per oru vellakarande koodey pokunnu..nidhi kittiya bhavathil avan avareyum kondu hotel murikalilekku pokunnu..Indians kammi..arabsum..africans unde.. the girls keep away from them..yenthukondo.Avideninnu..amazoniayelekku poyi..pinneyum more black label! Live band nrithavum..paattum..hotelil madangiyethi.3 am!
Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
Email: vinodvadassery@gmail.com
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