Tuesday, August 28, 2007

IC 2

He said that people who knew English were arrested..because they were spys. Why would someone learn English unless they wanted to be a spy!! The KGB used to sniff them out. My boss apparently manged to hide and avoid arrest. He learnt English by copying and writing down English books in the night and watching Polish interpreted English movies and tuning into radio stations from the west after midnight . The clarity was low it seems, however he was persistent at it because some day he wanted to escape from Poland and didnt want to land up in the west without the knowledge of English. He seems to have known that it was important to know English then. He said everytthing was state owned. No one could own land. If you wanted to buy cars..go to Germany. The IC fell in the early 90s. He had learnt Russian as his 2nd language for 13 years also hoping that Russia will beat America and become the best place to migrate to. And then Russia fell. He had to rely on his English to find jobs. All media opened up after the IC fell and they were able to prosper as a country. They are democratic now and richer than India. India used to be richer than Poland in the 80's it seems. Whatever happened..the Poles who have been a suppresse race have got freedom and have chosen to be a democratic country..another fall for the communist regime. We both work in Communist China now..both carrying a different experience of communist experience in our homeland. My mind runs back to the CPM regime in Kerala and Jyoti Basu..they dont realise the IC has fallen..its over.. it has served its purpose and is behind the times..Poland has learnt it..China and India is yet to learn! I can see the difference. I report to a Pole!

Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
Email: vinodvadassery@gmail.com
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