Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beijing Olympiad!

The Olympics is two weeks from now and Beijing is all set for the it as planned. Beijing, with the mammoth national government machinery can move just about anything in China with the stamp of the Govt seal unlike in all other countries! Beijing has ordered the the rain clouds hovering over Beijing like a Damocles sword to move away or be moved forcefully! A 40% probability for raining was announced by the govt media machinery - a conservative estimate! A country that claims to be 1.3 billion in population (the figure claimed by the same machinery that controls all media content-TV,Cinema, Internet, Radio, newspaper, magazines etc!We all know how trasparent these claims and the data are and hence HAVE to believe it!) is gunning for the top slot. Participants for team games like rowing are being encouraged so that if they win the event then as per Olympic rules,the medal tally goes up by as many team members that are in the team unlike in footbal where the team wins only 1 medal inspite of the team having 11 players. India on the other hand sends individuals for Olympics for events like shooting, TT, weightlifting, badminton!!

I was in Beijing and the saw the state of the art media centre(read govt machinery!),the Nest and the Aquatic Bubble-the world's most advanced stadia complex ever built. The govt moved all industries in that region to be relocated to another part of the country to make way for the complex and to clear up the air so that athletes can breathe clean air while the rest of the country breathes the air that was exchanged! The govt has banned fluids, bags, even cell phones into the area. Cameras allowed only with permits.1 cop for every 5 persons have been deployed and still terrorists(??)killed 16 cops yesterday as reported by the machinery! Nations have boycotted the games in protest against the absence of human rights in the China and yet the West hasn't! The country has been ravaged by a 7.4 richter quake, a snowstorm,floods and famine this year and yet the country is gung ho for the games!! Viva Beijing!!

Author - Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
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