Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adiyanoru Kuravananey!

One of my friends started a group called Pallassana and I was invited to be part of it. Then he asked me to introduce myself to my fellow member Pallassanites. By now I had already assumed a strong sense of self importance and was almost tempted to ignore the request. The evil side of my ego took over and made me write my introduction..here it goes..I dont need to give my name because it is quite obvious who I am. My name travels far and wide (it has reached China you see) and so does my fame (sorry that was a spelling error..i mean..my frame). I dont need to speak sense and choose to speak nonsense because I feel there is no sense in sense anymore. Nonsense is sense and hence by speaking nonsense I speak sense. Alright now that I have managed to convince all the bored readers (why else would you come to orkut/blogger and into this page!!) that I am sensible or insensible (see that becomes the readers responsibility now to decide!!)..I would move on to introduce my humble self (see I am so humble that I am almost elated that I am about to flatter myself).I am from a family of traditional landowners and farmers. the types who like things like..thekkua, thekua, vellam thirikkua, chakram chavittua, nadua, pakua, koyyia, thallua, onakkua..however I dont do these things..I work with a French kambany called Capgemini in China as a Senior Manager for BPO Client Engagaments & BPO Consulting. That sounded important right? That was the intention. Sherikkum paranja ..kayilu kutthua athanu pani! Anyways..thats me..lets have some more intros of members and more new in intros to this group. Desham : Pallassana Nair amsham, Tharavade: Vadassery Tharavade, Bhavanam: Nemmara, Thozhil: Kayilu kuthal,

Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
Email: vinodvadassery@gmail.com
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