Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Ode to my beloved

I can move the sun, the moon & the skies..How can I move you? The warmth in your eyes when you smile..Your fleeting glance, a faint glimpse of hope..I soar high like a marquee. I plunge like I have jumped the bungee..free suspension..my heart popping out of my mouth. Gay abandon..light in the head, and wish time freezes the moment. Lo & behold, you are gone. I hear your footsteps, and smile. I wonder how you are able to elicit in me a volcano of emotions that have erupted and is overflowing. Your eyes, innocence in them..I wonder in awe how beautiful and tender He made you..an orchid....rare and aloof.. wild & beautiful. Why did he make me meet you..I wander through the maze of people everyday and my mind stays on you. My heart ..like a chocolate in summer. Your thoughts like the fragrance of a lone rose in the breezesoothing the senses, opening up my heart. Worried I am that our eyes might never meet again if I keep putting off the thought of letting you know that I cant live without you anymore so here I wish to declare to the world that I love you, and will love you till the sea meets the sky ..I yearn for your attention..that cannot be earned by a few million. Tell me how can I move you , tell me how? I‘ll change the course of the Danube..I’ll build you a Taj..I’ll conquer mighty kingdoms..I’ll lay at your feet the Kohinoor..I’ll sing a ballad for you every night.. I’ll be your Man Friday..With my heart in my mouth and hope in my heart, I ask sheepishly..Will you be my Valentine..?

Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
Email: vinodvadassery@gmail.com
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