Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jun 18 Oru Chinakkatha

Njan Guangzhou enna dakshina Chinese nagarathilane. Hongkongil ninnum oru manikkooril thaze by train.Oraazhchayayi.Aadhyathe videshayathra.Chinayil presence ulla Oru French consulting companiyil Senior Manager aayi Join cheythu. Bangaloreil aayirunnu last 11 years. Edakke oru varsham chennaiyilum. Pandu 2 kollam Coimbatoreum, 4 kollam Calcuttayilum irunnittunde.Varshathil palatharam vinodayathrakku povaarundenkilum, oru neenda yaathra varshavasaanam Indiayil oru sthalathekku pokarunde. Goa aayirunnu 2005 Dec.Kullu manali shimla aayirunni 2006 Dec. Njan ithu verey kandathil ettavum sundaramayoru sthalam undenkil athu mazhakkalathe nammade Palakkadan pradehsngal thanne..pinney..Himachal pradhesiley Beas Thaazvara. Ini Uttaranchal,kashmeer,tibet baki unde vadakke Bharathathil..Himachal ithra sundaramenkil..Kailasam..kaashmeeram ehra sundaramayirikkum..I digress..SO I am in GZ(Guangzhou) a port city south of China in the same tropical lattitude that passes through Calcutta.The weather is similar. Cold Winters..no snow. Hot summers and heavy rain..typically tropical.Ee nagaram enney adhishayipikkunnu..China is 4 times bigger tha india gegraphically. Has been one of the older civilisations of the planet..Mohenodaro..Harappan..Mongolian..either sides of the Himalayas. The Gobi desert and the Himalayas seprating any possible cultural or other interludes between these great civilisations.Our cultures are so similar yet so dissimilar. The Chinese speak mandarin and Cantonese. canton is spoken in Canton(English name for GZ) and nothing else. Not even english. I have worked i the coprporate sector in India in Bangalore as part of large successful organizations like HP, HSBC, TCS etc..and know that we are as good as or better than our western counterparts. The Chinese live in their own world calld the ASia Pacific rim. This is the so called emerging market globally for all commodities or services.They dont need the west or the developed markets..its vice versa!!!!!!!!!They are getting better at thier game!!!!!

Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
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