Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Honkongil oru divasam!

Ethrey manoharam ee Hongkong nagaram! Kazhinja aazcha poyirunnu! Raviley Chinayiley Guangzhou East stationil ethiyappo antham vittu! Chinayilum inganeyokke cheyyaan pattiyittundalley! Nammal Indiayil entha cheyyaan pettathe! athishayam! Guangzhou East Station Bangalorew International Airportiney kaatilum valuthe! Ulytra modern! Very efficient. Trains from GZ to all parts of China and HK. I was bound to HK..semi official trip!350 kms from GZ to HK..took 1.50 mins! They are consructing abridge and after that it would take 50 mins! Imagine 350 kms in 50 mins. Palakkad to Bangalore is 410 kms! 1000 rupees ticket charge!one way!HK ethi immigration kazhinju .. the Hunghom Kowloon terminal is even larger and fantastic than Bangalore International airport or Delhi Intl or chn internatnl..!!!I must see HK aiport! By far Changi Airport at Singapore is the best i have seen! Wifi enabled ..extremely organized..smart looking and friendly! Porathu irangi..Hongkong soil il kaal vechu..nera nerey ennu taxikal..Toyota crown taxis..GZ poley left hand drive alla..british colony ayirunnalllo!..right hand drive.. i was appy to be on the right side of the roads! In GZ i am confused!taxiyil keri.Imperial Hotelilkku poyi..room book cheythirunnu.. vazhiyil kandathellam oppiyeduthu manasil. All roads and short and meet at right angles after 4 blocks..amazing bustling activity and everyones in a hurry. Nice small flashy shops and big malls! Nice ads ..no hoardings!! I remembered chennai! hoarding city!Kulichu purathirangi..thottaduthu oru mall il indian restaurant..sheekh kabab..roti chicken au chai.oru punjabi serve cheythu..adipoli..nalla beeku beeki!Porthairangi..uchathil samsarikunna indians korey..i could see the Victorai harbor onmy right..what a sight! Amazing..one could see the Hongkong skyline from here..its as good as Manhattan! I spent the afternoon shopping and just walking around..picked up some Indian DVDs!

Author : Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
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