Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Vice Versa!

From Pic courtesy: Web 2.0



Now lets start thinking vice versa.Only Pun intended.In the world of today where equality of genders is unequal and polarization of societies are of stratospherical proportions, in spite of all the hoo haa about equal opportunity..let's examine some hypothetical examples of our unidirectional world that is prevalent today against its vice versa.

The woman opens the door for the man and steps aside with a bow and a directional wave of the hand for the man to pass - chivalry.

The offering of a chair to a man by a woman.
Of course! the woman goes down on her knees and 'ahem'.... proposes( ha ha!)
A speech starting with Good Morning Lads and GentleWomen.
A lady Ronaldo instead of Christiano is acquired by Real Madrid for 80 Million Pounds

Lets move on..

A Marilyn Monroe does a "GodMother' with Mrs Puzo and Mrs Coppola.
Ms Hillary summitts the Everest.
Ms.Swarzenegger is Terminator.
The Taj mahal was built by Begum Noorjehan for the Shahenshah Shahjahan.

Come on..!

Men wear Bras and Garters while Women dont!!
Men have PMS and women dont.
Men get pregnant and Deliver during Paternity leaves.
Women pay Alimony.

Move on..

Red means GO, green means STOP!
White means dirty and black means clean
Nigger means cool and white means freak!
Indian & Chinese means stupid and expensive while American means intelligent and cheap(ROFLAD!!! - Rolled on the floor laughing and Died!!)
French are liberal and Chinese are Democratic

Move it..

BJP means secular and Congress means stable!
Laloo means honesty and Basu means efficiency
Mamta doesnt mean Singur and Tata doesnt mean Nano!
Rajnikanth is Nadigar Thilakam and Kamal is Thalaivar!
Shahrukh is Vijay Dinannat Chauhan and Amitji is Rahul!

We could go on ..couldnt we. And we could stop. Please let me continue.