Friday, July 26, 2013

The Dichotomy of Opposites...Virodhaabhasam!

Can a person do something very intensely even if totally disinterested it and do it very well. I think humans are capable of that even if there is no incentive to do that. It is the human ability for excellence while being dispassionate or disassociated...Example ..did man's scaling of the everest do anything for mankind? nothing..but man did it and is even respected for it. Man is capable of such things..aplenty. And even vice versa. Superior intelligence or great action doesn't guarantee great outcomes .. at best it indulges in inertia , and do nothing or just enough to get by but revel in the clear awareness that doing and accomplishing isn't everything and the gain from accomplishment of meagre things based on the selfs world views is not necessary and is for lower beings. But, take this example..if a drowning man knows how to swim but doesn't, he will die...many times intelligence is self-defeating unless used why do humans indulge in it like the proverbial ostrich...well we are mere humans aren't we!   This is the be intelligent but not indulge in it because no one deserves to be at receiving end of it it or is it pain freaking laziness or stupidity, in which case it isn't intelligence!what else!Amen!
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