Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frankfurt Morning!

At 8.00 AM a few cars went by on the roads. It was slowly starting to dawn. The sun was slowly starting to rise! I was suddenly in the city centre with beautiful buildings ..more than a century old. Very wide public places, no litter and fresh air. I could see the rising rays of the sun glint off a building a few blocks away. I looked up and stared the the headquarters of Deutsche Bank! What a Majestic Building! The seat of Power of the DB world! My wife would have loved to see this sight. She loves DB(was an employee hehe). The new age glass building seamlessly blended into the 18th century acchitecture of the buildings around it. The underground metros, the Mercedes benz taxis, the electric cars(mostly hatchbacks) all seamlessly merge into the landscape. The land of the Fuhrer! The Rhineland! I was cold and it was time for me to return and I headed back to the metro to get back to the airport. I had another flight to board. Life of a BPO executive! I brushed, shaved and cleaned up at the airport changed into another pair of air worthy clothes and checked my jacket pocket for the ticket and passport. I have an hour before the next flight. I decided to walk around and look at Fraport. I found many German stores, very efficient and understated signboards(very German) that helped me explore around. Grabbed a Cappucino at Starbucks and a German cold sandwich at 'Leftwache' and went about souvenir shopping! I realised that Futball and Beer very the selling attractions in Germany. All souvenirs were either proclaiming soccer star names or the Oktoberfest! It was time to move to the check-in area..I turned around and started walking to Counter A9. I heard the lady announce that check-in for my flight would commence immediately. I lugged my Thinkpad and edged ambled along towards 'Security Check'. I was carrying 30 electronic memory card readers in my cabin baggage intended for my colleagues who I would be meeting later in the day. The bag went through the scanner and I was asked to move aside for interrogation!

Author - Pallassana Vadassery Vinod Kumar
Email - vinodvadassery@gmail.com
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